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Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd


Elmer: Pardon me but ya know you look just like a wabbit. Bugs: Eh. c'mere. Listen doc. Now don't spread this around. But eh, confidentially, I AM A WABBIT!!!
Bugs: Knock Knock. Guess who? Elmer: Uh, Betty L'Mar? Bugs: Nope. Elmer: Uh, Barbara Stanwick. Bugs: Uh uh. Elmer: Rosemary Lane? Bugs: Nope! Elmer: Uh, Olivia Dehaviland. Bugs: Nope, but ya gettin' warmer. Elmer: Say, you wouldn't be that screwy wabbit would ya? Bugs: Mmmm, could be.
Elmer: Dog gone you mean 'ol wabbit. That's the last straw. Bugs: Ok doc. I've had my fun see. To show ya I'm a sport I'll give ya a good shot at me. Now you stand here. (The continuation of this scene can be heard on bugs36.mp3 located in the Bugs Bunny section above).
Elmer singing "I've Been Working on the Railroad". Bugs: Hey, that sounds like Frankie Sinatra. Or an unreasonable facsimile.
Bugs: Eh, what's up doc? Elmer: I just put a crazy wabbit outa his misery. Bugs: It's muuuurder he says. How gruesome. Don't look now doc, but you missed me.
Elmer: There's something screwy awound here. Bugs: Eh, could be you doc.
Bugs: Only a rat would shoot a guy the back. I reiterate, only a big fat rat would shoot a guy in the back. BANG! Elmer: So I'm a big fat rat. Bugs: Ah, have some cheese, rat!
Elmer: Ahhh, no ya don't. Your under arrest. Bugs: On what charge? You got nothin' on me. Elmer: Oh no? Well listen to this... (reads charges). Bugs: Attention! Why look at you. You call yourself a mounty. You're a disgrace to the regiment. I'm gonna drum you outa the service.
Mounty Elmer gets Bugs to the firing squad and grants one last request.
Elmer: Uh, have one on the house wabbit. Bugs: No thanks doc, never touch the stuff. This guy's tryin' to slip me a mickey.
Elmer: Now wabbit, dwink! Bugs: Hey, don't do it doc! Cut it out! Hey doc don't! Woop!
Bugs: Heh, heh, heh , heh, I have more fun than people. You know that zany's never gonna catch me. Elmer: On the contwawy, Mr. wabbit!
Bugs: Heh, heh, heh , heh, what a knucklehead. Ya gotta get early in the morning to outsmart this rabbit. Elmer: I got up at quarter to five, ha ha ha ha.

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